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Saved Responses

In case you are not online, mobilespy still notifies you about new messages.

Online status indication

See whether your device is online/offline.


All saved, and new contacts are accessible to you via the dashboard.


Every letter your target device writes is saved.


Localize your widget and messages for visitors from different countries.


Every notification the phone receives, be it a like on facebook, match on instagram or new message on whatsapp, you will be notified!

Live Dashboard

Monitor up to 2000 phones in real time - all important information about all your phones is accessible from our comprehensive phone overview

Data Removal

In compliance with european data-protection a single click is enough to remove the app from your target device and delete all the information we have stored on our platform.

State of the art

Both the app and the interface are programmed using state-of-the art technology. Our goal is perfect useability - and we will keept improving the platform every single day, forever.


Every information saved about your target is protected by european data-law. Never will we, can, use or access any of the files your devices upload.

Broad Compatibilityt

Android smartphone,android tablet, ipad or iphone. Every device is supported!

All communication is saved

No matter if it is telegram, whatsapp, vk, snapchat, instagram, facebook, textmessage. You will know about every single message left and received by your target devices.

Some of the supported Social-Media Apps :

fb slack whatsapp viber telegram vk skype

4.9 / 5


Based on 3000+ user reviews

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